Your Security When Purchasing Online ... 128-bit Encrypted Connection

You are viewing this web site over an encrypted connection, because your security is extremely important to us.  The Ingenuware Secure Online Store is a secure web server that your computer connects to with 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption with an RSA 1024-bit exchange.  An encrypted connection, like the one established between your computer and our server right now, causes the data transmitted back and forth to be "scrambled" on one end, and "unscrambled" on the other end.  The "scrambled" data is locked with a special "key" that is so large, it is completely impossible to guess, and it is impossible to decipher what the scrambled data is without the key, even with the world's fastest and most powerful computer.  In short, it simply is not possible for anyone (not even the best "hacker") to read the data being transmitted between your computer's web browser and any server secured with the encryption used by our secure web server.

Therefore, when you submit your personal and credit card information while purchasing, only you and we can see the data, nobody else!  And we never permanently store your credit card information on our web server, not even for the sake of "your convenience".  At the moment your transaction is complete, your credit card number is immediately and forever forgotten by our secure web server. At no time is your information stored in a database on our web server in any manner whatsoever.  And any other personal information that we use for customer service and support, such as your name and email address, is stored only on our private corporate office server, which is not accessible from the Internet at all, so your data is safe and secure... and we don't share it with anyone!  (See our Privacy Policy for details.)

Finally, in order to detect and combat online credit card fraud, we do record computer IP addresses through our Secure Online Store.  We report all suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.

In short, not only is our Secure Online Store well protected, and your personal information is vigilantly guarded as well!

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