Your Privacy - Our Commitment To You:

At Ingenuware, we value your right to keep your personally identifying information private.  We use the Internet daily ourselves, and want the same privacy you do!  That's why we won't EVER give, sell, rent, lease, or otherwise release your personally identifying information to anyone else under any circumstances.  Additionally, we want you to be comfortable on our website, and that means making this promise to you, our customer, and following through on that promise, as we have always done.

How Does Ingenuware Use My Personal Information?

  • When placing an order, your name and billing address are matched against credit card company records for address verification.  This is part of keeping your online purchasing experience safe and secure.  Also, when placing an order, your email address is crucial so we can email your receipt with your license key(s) to you.
  • We use your information inside of our company ONLY.  We do not sell or otherwise distribute your information under any circumstances.
  • When visiting our website, or downloading or installing an Ingenuware product, we may offer you the opportunity to receive notification of product updates and the launch of new Ingenuware products, etc.  This is entirely optional... you can always choose to not sign up for our email notifications.  If you do choose to sign up for the email notifications, your email address is obviously required so we have somewhere to send them.
  • If you fill out our technical support form or contact form on our website, or email us, we want to be able to get back to you, so a valid email address is critical.  If we don't have your email address, then we can't get back to you, since there would be nowhere for us to send our reply.  And a name is helpful too, so we don't have to address it to "Hey You!".  Further, we may need to validate your software license in order to provide support to you.

How Does Ingenuware Protect My Personally Identifying Information?

As previously stated in our promise to you, we do not give, sell, rent, lease, or otherwise release your personally identifying information to third parties.  PERIOD.  Also, we do not store your personally identifying information on our web server, as some companies do.  We consider that to be a security risk.  Your name, address, email, and license key(s) are stored on our private corporate computers in our main office, and is not accessible from the Internet at all, so there's absolutely no risk of someone stealing your information.  Additionally, if you purchase something from our Secure Online Store, we do not store your credit card numbers on our web server at all under any circumstances.  Your credit card is used by our secure web server for the moment of purchase only, through an SSL secure (encrypted) connection, then immediately discarded, which makes your purchasing experience with us as secure as going to your own bank.

In short, we vigilantly guard your personally identifying information as if it were our own.

ONCE AGAIN - We are committed to keeping your information PRIVATE.  We simply REFUSE to redistribute any of your information, and that's final.

DISCLAIMER: Upon request by a court or law enforcement officials, we will give personal information to such officials.  This is done in order to promote online security and keep our customers safe from those who would steal from them or defraud them.

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