With ChessRally 2 Gold Edition, you Pay only one small software license fee, and then you can then play whenever you want, as long as you want, FOREVER!  There is no expiration and no "renewals"!!

We believe ChessRally 2 Gold Edition offers you with the greatest value in online chess over any others.  We don't expect our customers to pay for software or online service again and again and again for the same product.  It's true that many places do, and that's fine if that works for them.  However, we know that while some of you can afford much more, many of you simply can't afford to keep paying and paying.

That's why ChessRally 2 Gold Edition is a permanent, lifetime software license, in accordance with the End User License Agreement.  There are ABSOLUTELY NO Monthly or Yearly Subscription Fees or Membership Dues! It does not expire like a "subscription" might.  Once you upgrade to ChessRally 2 Gold Edition, in accordance with the End User License Agreement, you will never have to pay for ChessRally 2 ever again!

If this sounds familiar to you, then you probably remember what it's like to simply walk into a store, and you see a game that you like on the wall, so you buy the game, and you never had to pay for it again!  It's yours forever.  This is exactly the same thing.  Once you order your ChessRally 2 Gold Edition License Key, then ChessRally 2 Gold Edition is yours to use forever!  Even when we make a new ChessRally product in the future (i.e. ChessRally 3), you'll still be able to use ChessRally 2, so you have the choice in using CR2 or CR3.  (That's not for some time yet though!!)  Also, all software updates within the ChessRally 2 product version are always absolutely free!

You won't find another deal this good with quality chess software anywhere!  So Order Today!!

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